To Declare a New World

The Brooklyn Rail

The Brooklyn Rail invited me to serve as its guest critic in March 2021. To interrogate idealism, belief and the relationship between art, language and politics, I commissioned a section on art manifestos. The aim was to get at the heart of what it means to declare a new world by exploring a complicated genre full of grand ambitions and aesthetic posturing.

The section’s contributors included Sarah Cowan︎︎︎, Emmanuel Iduma︎︎︎, Kaitlyn A. Kramer︎︎︎, Pac Pobric︎︎︎, José Peña-Loyola, Amelia Rina︎︎︎, Noah Dillon︎︎︎ and Christopher Alessandrini — several of whom also participated in a panel discussion︎︎︎ as part of the paper’s New Social Environment series. Julia Schäfer︎︎︎ designed the print edition, excerpted below, which riffs on the visual language of manifestos.

︎ Print edition (PDF)︎︎︎
︎ Web edition︎︎︎